Serenity Ridge Farm
Equestrian Training Center in Pullman, WA  

Equestrian Training and Rehabilitation  Center  


Dressage and Three Day Eventing Training with


Preparation is key for anyone wanting to be successful in the show ring. We want you and your horse to be relaxed and confident so that you can HAVE FUN! Join our team and board at Serenity Ridge farm a complete integrated training program including rider fitness and equine wellness tools.  Haul in for a single session, or join us for clinics or cx schooling trips.  We are here to support you in meeting your riding goals.

We use several wellness and connected deices to help ourselves and our clients (human and equine) feel their best. We use Equisence Conntected Sensors to track our rides with GPS and show you fun facts about your horses training session.  This App gives owners a glimpse of what their horses are doing with us in their sessions and provides a great way to organize and track healthy habits.   

Show Team
The Back Road Eventing Team attends many local shows for our riders new to showing to get experience and confidence.  We also attend regional and national rated shows for our more experienced riders with serious competition goals.  See our Facebook Page #backroadeventing for the most updated information on our local shows.