Serenity Ridge Farm
Equestrian Training Center in Pullman, WA  

Equestrian Training and Rehabilitation  Center  


Pony Birthday Parties

We'd love to celebrate Birthdays at Serenity Ridge Farm.  Bring your friends, and come enjoy a day at the farm riding and learning about horses.  Depending on the weather and time of year we can ride across the Palouse enjoying the scenery.  In colder weather we can fill the hot chocolate thermos and ride in the indoor arena playing riding games or going through obstacle courses. 

Set up a few tables and decorations in the corner of the arena. Eat snacks and treats then ride, then snack some more. Parties are 2 hours and cost $125.  Theme requests? Just ask us- we will try to make your birthday wishes come true.       

Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday!