Serenity Ridge Farm
Equestrian Training and Rehabilitation Center  

Equestrian Training and Rehabilitation  Center  

Sign Up and Pay Today on Stablebuzz

We use a program called Stablebuzz to organize our stable calendar and program sign ups. 
1. Please go to and join our stable
3. We will make you a participant within a few hours. At this point you can self schedule sessions at your convenience.

We have Drop-In Programs (DIP) that will be billed per event, and Monthly Subscription Programs (MSP).  For MSP programs look for the first day of each calendar month and add your subscriptions program which will bill your account.  Then go to each week to add the days you want to attend (these bill at $0.00 and are only for attendance purposes.  


Rec. Vaulting Drop In Program

Rec Vaulting is Wednesday 6-8pm or Saturday 9-11am 
Each Session $25

We ask all of our Beginners to start by attending one of our our rec. vaulting workouts.  Vaulting is a fabulous introduction to the horse and moving with the horses movement.  Vaulting teaches balance and confidence. Workouts involve stretching, conditioning, barrel practice, and on horse activities. Come give it a try.   


Little Wranglers Program (DIP)

This Program is a 30 minute private guided tour. Come meet the ponies brush then and have a pony ride.  Find out about all of our fun programs.  Cost $25. Drop In Sessions on Saturday Mornings, availability listed on our stablebuzz calendar.

Riding School Subscriptions
Riding Only or Work & Ride

Riding School is offered Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30pm

Ride Only Riding School Subscription
$350/month for EIGHT 2 hour sessions monthly 

Work & Ride Riding School Subscription
$275/month for EIGHT 3 hour sessions monthly
*Kids work from 5:30-6:30 helping with barn chores

Riding School is 2 days (4 hours) of education and riding each week at the farm and additional online education and fitness. Lessons concentrate on basic horsemanship as well as more advanced riding concepts. Lesson content and pace is based on each students interests and comfort level.  Jumping lessons are offered to students once they reach certain safety milestones in their riding. 


Advanced Riders should look at Lessons from Back Road Eventing

BR Eventing Lessons are offered on a drop-in basis several nights each week. We focus on rider position, the dressage training scale, and jumping techniques for horse and rider.  Horsemanship is a huge part of our program. Riders also have access to online training and fitness programs. Riders on our team go on hacking conditioning rides, go xc schooling, and compete throughout the northwest. Come our for a tour today!