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THE SRF Unicorns are BACK! 
Ask to ride a Unicorn at a Little Wranglers Class

Come meet the ponies, brush them and go for a pony ride.  Kids learn safety around the horses and general age appropriate horsemanship.  They play with the ponies and go for a pony ride around the farm.

Our Unicorn Encounter is a special twist to the  Little Wranglers program. We use one of our Unicorns for brushing and kids get to take a Unicorn Ride!
Just ask to Ride a Unicorn at your lesson! 

Little Wranglers is $25 for a 30 min Session
Mighty Wranglers is $50 for a 60 min Session
Ponies or Unicorns availabe at both.

SRF Riding Program for Kids and Adults

Riding Program Lessons

5 Levels of Progressive Education & Horsemanship
Monthly Subscription Includes:
Weekly Riding Lesson on our wonderful school horses
Horsemanship Education
Online Education and Fitness Resourses 

Commonly Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need my own horse and equipment to begin riding lessons?

A: No, at the academy, we provide experienced horses and instructors, along with the facilities and equipment to ride.

Q: What do I need to wear to begin lessons?

A: You will need a riding helmet, paddock boots, and riding tights or breeches. Any polo shirt or sport shirt will work for a riding top. Tuck in your shirt with a belt so your instructor can observe your form and best help you learn about solid riding position. .

Q: What ages can ride at the Academy?

A: We currently have students from 4 to 60! If you are healthy and enjoy outdoor sports, we have horses ready to suit you. 

Q: Can I purchase one lesson at a time?

A: As a riding school, our goal is to teach our students solid basics that make for a lifetime of safe and happy relationships with horses. We recognize that it takes some time to truly build this foundation. Start with a monthly half-hour package to see if horseback riding is for you! We know you’ll be hooked.

Q: What if it is raining at my lesson time?

A: Unless conditions are unsafe to drive to the stables, we hold lessons rain or shine! Lessons will be modified depending on the weather, or replaced with horsemanship lessons on the ground inside the barn.

Q: Do I need to arrive earlier than my scheduled lesson time?

A: No need! If you arrive dressed and ready to ride by your lesson time, we will be ready for you! If you are able to independently tack your horse (your instructor will give you the go-ahead) you may come early to tack up, which will allow for more riding time. If your horse is already tacked in the lesson before you and you have arrived early, come out to the arena and audit!

Terms and Conditions

Client Requirements

  1. Client Must show up on time.

  2. Client must be wearing proper riding attire- boots with heels and riding breeches

  3. Client must be coachable, positive, and have a good attitude!

Automatic Grouping: Riders will be automatically grouped together with riders of similar ability and level. This is paramount to our barn culture and philosophy of creating a community that encourages camaraderie, friendship and support.  We feel this leads to higher quality riding, lessons, and just plain more fun.  

Compensation and Payment

  1. Client will put a credit or debit card on file, and it will be automatically charged on the first day of enrollment for the amount agreed on in this agreement and continuing every 30 days thereafter. 


  1. Client will receive a dedicated time and a day of the week where there will be an appropriate school horse and with a group of riders with similar ability reserved each week.

  1. If client cannot make their time during a week- stables will allow a maximum of one makeup lesson per month.  An attempt will be made to try and find an additional time for the student where there is an appropriate lesson horse and group, however because of the complexities of scheduling- there are no guarantees. Monthly tuition is still due in full when student misses their lessons. In the event that the weather prevents riding- unmounted horsemanship lessons will be substituted.  The best way to get the most value out of the program is to make it a priority and a commitment not to miss your dedicated lesson time(s).

  1.  If client would like to make a long-term change to their dedicated lesson time, they may do so a maximum of 1 time in a 90 day period by texting 206-313-7600 three possible times that work for them and we will do our best to accommodate. 


This agreement may be cancelled by either party with at least 7 days notice prior to the desired date of termination.  In order for client to cancel the payment- please text 206-313-7600.

No Guarantee

The company does not warrant or guarantee any specific level of performance or results.  The results of your riding program are largely based on the efforts of the student. 


Client agrees to communicate all scheduling changes or any other concerns about the program via email or during your regular scheduled goal setting meeting.


Gift Certificates are Available for any of our Programs. Please text 206-313-7600 to purchase and schedule.