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Join us for Riding and Vaulting Summer Camps in 2020

I Love Horses!
Best For Campers Ages 6-10
This is a beginners camp at which you will learn all about horses, horse care, and the basics of riding.  Campers will explore vaulting (gymnastics on horseback), western gaming, english, and trail riding. Come join us for Riding, Fun themes and art projects and lots of time around the horses!
This camp is Monday-Friday 10am Drop off and 3pm Pick Up. $250/week.

Everything Horses

This camp is for riders with some experience Ages 8-12.  They need to be able to control a gentle horse at the walk and trot.  Campers learn all about horses, horse care and how improve their riding skills. Campers will be assigned a horse or camp an ride daily, in the arenas and out on the trails. Expect to ride several hours each day. In addition riders will learn about horse care and and other farm responsibilities- taking on all of the care for "their horse that week".  
This Camp is Monday-Friday 7am Drop Off, 5pm Pick Up. $400/week. 


***This Camp is only open to current SRF Lesson Clients*** 
Campers enjoy riding lessons, farm work, lots of horse experience. This is a great inside look into the horse industry and how a barn is run.  
Expect to get up early for farm chores- then we ride! Campers have either a skills lessons in the indoor or outdoor riding experiences out on the train or in the jumping field. 

We have a few activities scheduled each day to cool off mid-day and take a break from the barn.  Afternoon we will head out on a long trail ride or have another round of lessons. 
Expect Crafts, Games and Activities.  

$300 Dates to be Announced