Serenity Ridge Farm

Equestrian Training and Rehabilitation  Center  

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Jump Show Workshop Summer Intensive Program

If you want to learn to jump this is the camp for you. Go from beginner to horse show in one week. Jumps could be poles on the ground or higher depending on each rider's balance and ability level. Practice the 5 stages of jumping: approach, take off, flight, landing and get-away.  Practice making smooth turns, and maintaining excellent rider position.  We finish this workshop with a HORSESHOW! Practice everything you learned and show off your skills.  We braid, dress up and take tons of photos! Take home a beautiful ribbon too and epic memories.

Cost $200

June 14, 15, 17
Monday & Tuesday & Thursday 9am-1pm

Pamper-A-Corn Summer Intensive Program

Dress your horse up as a Unicorn Princess and Pamper them all week!. Learn all about bathing, and braiding, unicorn hoof care, and use  LOTS of Glitter. Photoshoot the last day with keepsake photos. This camp is ideal for ages 8 and up. Bring a change of clothes- giving a unicorn a bath can be messy!

Cost $125. 

June 29/July1 & Aug 10/12
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-1


Super Pony Summer Intensive Program

Design your own cape and super power and learn how to ride off into the sunset with excellent equitation and horsemanship! Learn all about horses and caring for horses while having a ton of fun and meeting new friends. This camp is open to everyone- all ages.  Campers under 6 required to bring a helper that can stay for the duration of camp.

Cost $75.

June 16, 30, July 28, Aug 11
Wednesdays 9am-1pm  

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